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Ball Bounce and Sport Inc., dba Hedstrom is proud to offer a wide array of products from our many companies. 

 Hedstrom PlasticsHedstrom Plastics - Specializing in rotational molding, Hedstrom Plastics is a custom plastic molding manufacturer. Located in Ashland, Ohio, we provide plastic molding manufacturing nationwide. Hedstrom Plastics also offers custom molding solutions!


 BOSU® Balance Trainer helped to introduce the concept of balance training to elite athletes and coaches, fitness professionals, medical and rehabilitation specialists, and schools and universities.  Based in Ashland, Ohio, and manufactured by Hedstrom Plastics.


Hedstrom EnvironmentalHedstrom Environmental's 100% resin commercial, environmentally friendly containers replace metal and establish plastic dumpsters as the leader in commercial dumpster replacement.


regent sports logo

Regent, is a leading sporting goods manufacturer of baseball, soccer, basketball, billiards, darts, dartboards, outdoor games, table games, and tailgate items.  Regent's products will continue to provide vintage and authentic representations of classic games based on todays lifestyle influencers while our brands have been and will continue to be focused on the sporting  goods industry and the needs of our customers.

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Mitre USA is a license held by Regent Sports, the Worlds oldest sports brand now has elite level products available in the USA!


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SURGE fitness products by Hedstrom Fitness


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Kamagon Ball by Hedstrom Fitness 

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