Hedstrom's Environmental Commitment

…Regarding Product Design:

                  As an organization we consider resource conservation, material efficiency, product longevity, and end-of-life during the product design process.

…Regarding Packaging Design:

                  As an organization we formally assess resource conservation, material and process efficiency, and weight or volume optimization as part of the packaging-product system design.

…Regarding Priority Chemicals -Disclosure:

            As an organization, we require that a materials safety data sheet accompanies all raw materials and ingredients used to manufacture our products. We also require a list of all substances intentionally added to the ingredients or raw materials and we have verified that no priority chemicals are identified in the composition.

…Regarding Priority Chemicals-Management:

            As an organization, we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. Our promise is that no priority chemicals will be used, either intentionally or not, during the manufacturing process.

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