What is Unplugged Fun?

Many studies suggest the importance of children to limit video game use, so parents and children are turning to other activities for fun. We call this Unplugged Fun! We develop the products that are important for a child's development, promotes exercise, and helps to develop athleticism.Glo Play

Exercise for children can, "...curb excessive weight gain, fight diseases and foster long-term fitness." according to a study done by The University of California. It is extremely important that parents encourage and invest in ways that allow their children to experience fun that is not in front of a TV, cell phone or computer.  

Our products make that possible. From Wibbly Balls, Ball Tunnels, G2 Air Pro Balls and our BoZagga Bomber Bat, we make it easy to encourage Unplugged Fun for all ages. 

BoZagga Bomber Bat

Wibbly Ball

Please explore our products. You'll find that our committment to safe, enjoyable Unplugged Fun will make it easy to give your child what they need to have a lot of fun.


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