Introducing the Duraball…the Duraball is like no other ball you've ever played with before. Kick it, throw it and bounce it- indoors or out! Made from a top-secret formula, the flexible, soft and lightweight Duraball comes in two sizes and can be inflated to an enormous 20 or 36 inches.

Big kids and small – the Duraball is ready for fun. The action never stops – on the beach, on the field or at the park – there’s plenty of bounce for all your friends to join in!

Spread the word! Duraball is here, and it’s time to play. Whether you’re with all your friends, or just a few, it’s the jumbo-sized ball that makes backyard play super duper fun!

You’ll be amazed how high you can make the Duraball bounce. The same technology that makes it amazingly durable also gives it the incredible bounce. So get your hands on a Duraball – and let the fun begin. We dare you not to have fun with this ball!

*We suggest keeping your Duraball away from sharp or pointy objects to ensure it lasts a long time.

Available in 20" Blue or 36" Green



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